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Emojo's #1 electric tricycle, the Emojo Caddy Pro is your newest upgrade with a new 500W motor and fat tires, designed to cruise across rand and tricky all terrain surfaces. The Emojo Caddy electric bike is the top product for taking your little one for a ride along the boulevard on a summer afternoon, while enjoying the silence of a quiet electric bicycle powered by a lithium battery. The framework on the Caddy Pro is manufactured from resistant Aluminum 60601, designed to support a riders weight of up to 320 lbs with it's lower centre of gravity and extra support wheels in the rear. Wirth front fork suspension this electric tricycle by Emojo is designed to be as comfortable and easy moving as possible.

Emojo Caddy PRO

$3,149.00 Regular Price
$3,049.00Sale Price
  • 750w Hubdriven



    20-30mi range

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